How To Add Users In WordPress With Different Permission

Hi, guys, I’m virender from today I’m going to show you how we can add new users to your WordPress site.

so let’s start, you have a website and you’re the only person working on your side now if you want to let another person contribute to your site you can do it by adding a new user in WordPress.

now when you add a new user you can give that user access to specific parts of your site for example if you want this person to write blog posts for you you can use them access to just blog posts on your site and they won’t be able to make any other changes.

now if you want to give this user full access you can choose their access so that they can control the entire site so lets get started first we are going to see how to add a new user in WordPress to add a new user lets go to our WordPress dashboard and then go to users and click add new now.

here we have to enter the details of the new user first lets enter a user name for this user and then enter their email and their names once you have entered these details just click show password to get the password for this user and workers will give you a default password for this user now if you want to change this password just delete this and then enter your own password.

once you have entered all the details you need to select the role of this user so lets click here and you can see that WordPress has different roles you can keep for the new user first lets look at the administrator roles well select that and after you have selected the role just copy this username and password into a notepad are going to use these details in the next steps.

lets open notepad and then copy this username and then the password once you have copied it just click add user and you can see that we have successfully added the new user and it appears on our users list now how will this user access our website.

Now lets open notepad now in order to let this user access our WordPress site you need to share this username and password with that users once you have shared these details the user will be able to login to your site next lets see how the user can log in to our sites lets open a new tablets say this is the users browser window first they need to enter your sites address and then type slash login.

so my site is so I’m going to enter that and then I am going to add /login now when they press Enter it will take them to the login page of your website now the user has to enter their username and password which you have shared with them so lets open notepad and then copy the username and password.

into the login page now if we click login you can see that we have logged in as a new user this is how a new user can log into your website after logging in the user is able to access all the options fom the WordPress dashboard.

now since we selected this users role as administrator they will be able to control everything on this site for example from this account we can change the theme or install a new plugin or even add new users to the site ow if you don’t want to give access to all of these settings of your site you can restrict their access by changing their role in WordPress.

next lets see how we can change the role of a user to change the rule lets go back to our main WordPress account which is here and here you can see the user which we added before now lets click Edit and if he’s cruel down you can see the role which we selected before which is administrator now lets change this role by clicking here and you’ll see different rules available for the user now lets look at the most important roles which you can set for your users the first rule is the administrator role which gives a full access of your site to the user.

if you want someone to build your site or fix an issue with your site you can give them the administrator role so after the administrator role there are three useful roles which you can keep for your users the editor-author and contributor lets look at the editor role when you select the user’s role as editor user.

will be able to edit all of your posts and pages but they won’t have access to any other setting such as your themes and plugins so lets try it out will select editor and then scroll down and click update now lets go back to our users account and now we have selected our users role as editor so if we click refresh you can see that most of the settings are hidden.

now and the user can only access your posts and pages now if we go inside pages you can see that we are able to edit or delete any of these pages so this is what the editor role does Now lets go back to the dashboard again and lets try the next role lets click here and lets look at the author role now in WordPress whenever you publish a post all be linked to the user who published.

it each post in WordPress will have a user link to it now the author role will allow the user to create their own posts and then edit those posts but they won’t be able to edit any posts which are created by other users so lets try out the author role will select it and then scroll down and click update user.

and now we have selected the author role so lets refresh our users dashboard and you can see that the pages has been removed for this rule now if we go to post you can see that as these posts were created by a different user we can only view these posts and we cannot edit them but as an author we can click add new and we can write and publish our own posts.

now if I click publish this post will be live on our site So this is what the other rule does so next lets see the contributor role well go back to our users page and lets select the role as contributor now when you select contributor the user can write new posts but it has to be approved by you before it can be published.

so lets try it out So lets select contributor and then scroll down and click update user okay so now we have selected the role as contributor so lets click refresh now if we go to post you can see that we cannot edit any posts and if we click add new you can see that instead of the publish button we have submitted for review so as you can see the contributor does not have access to publishing anything but he can write his own post and then submit for review.

so next lets try submitting a post for review well write a new post and then click Submit for review now if we go to our main account and click post you can see that we have got the contributors post which is marked as pending now to publish this post all you have to do is go to edit and then click published as soon as you click publish this post will appear on your site.

so this is how the contributor role works contributor can write new posts but it won’t be published unless approved by an editor or an admin these are the four main rules you can set for the user first is admin then we have editor author and contributor so that’s it, guys this is how you can add new users to your WordPress site and choose what they can access.

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