How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC

How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC [ English ]

Hi Guys, I’m virender from Today, I’ll be showing you how you can install WordPress Website,Local on your Laptop.

Now, Why would you want to Install WordPress Website local? Normal, if want to build a WordPress Website, you need to buy a domain name and hosting package. and then you launch your new live website But if you don’t want to launch a new website yet, and just want to try and test WordPress website, you can do that by Reading this Article okay!

So, when you install wordpress locally your website’s files will be stored on your computer, and this means only you will be able to access your web site now.

you can then move it to a live website I’ll show you, how you can do that the later part of this Article keep Reading And now, let’s install wordpress locally!Okay!It is going to be totally freeand we;re going to do it in just 2 simple steps!

First, we are going to download a software called bitnami WordPress Now, this is the software which is going to allow us to run WordPress on our computer to download it, let’s go to our browser And, then search for bitnami WordPress and press enter now, click the first link and then download bitnami, by clicking here Okay!

So the bitnami software is downloaded! Now, let’s go to step 2, which is to install this software let’s open the file we’ve downloaded and, click; Ok; Now keep clicking; next; till you reach last page okay!

So this is the page, where we need to enter the login details of our local WordPress sites enter your name email address and then the username and the password for WordPress make sure you remember these details as you’ll be needing this to login into your local WordPress site once you’re done,

keep clicking next And WordPress will be installed now let’s click finish! And it will take you to this page so, wordpress is now installed on our computer Now to access your site, you just have to click; access WordPress; So let’s click that and as you can see, our wordpress site is now running on our PC! Okay!

You can access your site anytime by going to “localhost/wordpress” on your browser Now if you want to login to WordPress, you just add “/login” And, it will take you to the login page of WordPress you can now login, by entering the details that you gave during the installation, once you’ve logged in, you can start building your website this is how you can install wordpress locally on your PC and start building your website once you’ve completed building your website you can then move it to a live website, Guys If you liked this Article, Then Please Share With Your Friends.

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