How To Transfer/Migrate Your WordPress Website To Another/New Host

Hey everyone in this tutorial today I’m going to show you how to transfer a WordPress website from one host to another without using any special plugins.

This is probably the advanced way to do it but it doesn’t cost anything and it’s quite easy so let’s get started as you can see right now I’m looking at the old website so the old address where my websites sitting and what we need to do firstly is we need to copy the database and the files for this website so that we can transfer it to the new one so the first thing you need to do in this tutorial by the way.

I’m going to be doing from a cPanel hosting service to another cpanel hosting service so first thing we need to do is login to cPanel and we need to log into our old account so the current website that we have and we need to download these files.

so once you’re logged into cPanel go to your file manager go to your public HTML folder and you need to create a zip file of the files in here so in this case the website is set up in a way that the WordPress files are in a separate folder but a lot of people have them all in just the parent folder which is no problem so you just need to copy absolutely everything except cgi-bin but I’m just going to copy these two and I am going to compress them into a zip file.

so once you compress them to a zip file you just need to download the zip file and that’s done you’ve downloaded the file part of your website now you need to go into PHP my admin’ and you need to download the database so you can see the database here we just go to export and click on click on go now you can see the home zip file and the database SQL file and that’s all.

we need to do so let’s log out of this old web host and let’s login to the new web host by entering our new details so the new website or web host is going to be this and let’s login to cPanel now you’ll notice if we go to the new website there’s nothing there or actually there is something there.

I’m just going to delete all that stuff out of there just so it’s nice and clean okay so if we go here you’ll notice we have nothing on this server and we want to firstly upload the old sorry the old website onto this server so let’s just go to upload and upload the zip file.

so we’ll just wait for this to upload probably take a minute now that we have uploaded this zip file if you go back to the file manager and extract the files into the folder you can then delete the zip file and then what we need to do is go back to our main dashboard and create a database.

so let’s create one called DB and let’s create a user we’ll just call it admin and we’ll just assign a secure password so I’ve created the user now and then we just need to create assign the admin to the database so just add all privileges beautiful so I make changes and that works fine so now we have a database setup that’s ready to use.

I have copied the password just so I can set it up on WordPress so if we go back into PHP myadmin now you’ll see a database here go into that database and click on import and we want to import the SQL file that we downloaded from the old website and then we just have to import that you can save SQL file as a zip file.

if you want but this is a really tiny SQL file so it doesn’t matter now that we’ve uploaded the SQL file you’ll notice that the database structure is here go into options and we need to change a couple of values here firstly we need to change this to the new website address which is my test website com delay you also need to change this one as well so my test website com today you now with the with this particular website as I said before it’s located on my test website /home so let’s go.

back now and we will we will now add the database credentials to WordPress so that it can connect to the new database we just set up so if we go back to the dashboard go to file manager go to public HTML and go into home and then go to your WP config file and editor and we want to change this database information to the new website.

so let’s go to let’s set up the new database and we probably need to go back to our databases to see the name of it so it’s my test we underscore DB so my test we underscore DB and my test we underscore admin and the password is here which I copied on the clipboard.

earlier and we’ll save that and that’s it if we refresh the page you should see the new website here now if we try and log in it may not work as you can see it comes up with that and that’s because the permalink permalinks need to be reset so to do that you just go to your website forward-slash WP dash login dot PHP.

oops, my bad because it’s on a home folder we need to do home also WP login dot PHP type your login and password and go to permalinks and click on Save Changes.

now one thing I didn’t do with this website before which I’m going to do now is changing the permalink so it uses pretty URLs as opened to just a standard get query like this so it just looks nicer and also what I’m going to do is I am going to go to general and make the actual home address my test website com data you without oops without the home in it and we’ll just save that and let’s call it my new website and we’ll save that again.

so if we log out now and we get a my test website .com today you the new website is there all the links are working fine and also if we go to full slash login the login should work and that’s all you need to do to transfer from one to another without any plug-in at all if you have any questions below please ask but hope that’s helped and have a lovely day.

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