How To Write/Post Your Frist Post In WordPress Blog!

in this Tutorial I’m going to show you how to write a blog post in WordPress.

hi guys virender from today we’re going to be looking at how to write blog post in WordPress so the first thing you need to do is log in to your dashboard and once here we’re gonna go over to posts we can click on that and then here will actually take us to any kind of post that we already have there so by default it brings in hello world and in my last Tutorial I created a test post so here we can actually just go up to add new for post.

here will bring us to our post editor so the very first thing we need to do is decide what kind of title that we want for this post so for this one right here I’m going to type in call that Post Tutorial you can go ahead and choose whatever kind of title do you want there this here will also create the permanent link for that too as well if you don’t know how to properly set up permanent links before you create posts make sure you check out my Tutorial on that.

so the next thing we need to do is go into our body now and here we’re actually going to go ahead and type in whatever we want so what this is going to be what you want your posts actually say so and then you also want to go ahead and put your content so this is gonna be our post title we want to go ahead and highlight this and then we can actually go under visual tab so the difference between visual tab and text tab the text tab will actually let you put an HTML code into that too as well so we can tell the difference here.

so if we go to visual and we highlight that we can actually choose a heading to which we would want for your heading this will make it nice and big so this is also called an h2 tag so if we pop over here to the text tab again we can see now that it’s surrounded by h2 tags so now we want to go ahead and go down to the next line and we can go ahead and put in whatever kind of text that we want.

in this case I just have dummy text for this Tutorial so I’m gonna go ahead and post that in there and then as you can see we have that and then we could also add a graphic so to do this we can actually go ahead and add it above here you click on add media and then if you want to go ahead and upload it you’re gonna go to upload files here and select a file or I could drag and drop it in there so in this case right here.

I have a Pinterest type of image now we’re gonna go ahead add it I’m gonna hit open it’s gonna go ahead and upload it for me and if you’re looking for some SEO stuff you want to go ahead and type in the title onto your alt text too as well and then we’re gonna go ahead and insert post this order go ahead and add our image we can go ahead and keep this on left side or if we click on it we can choose the way that we want it displayed.

so we’re gonna line it left by default we’re gonna line it center which will post all of our text down further or we can go ahead and align it on the right side you can also tell the system if you want the person actually click on the image you can actually send them to a web page by clicking on edit here and then you can actually click on a link to and you can actually have it going to a custom URL and you can actually type in where you want it to go so Google for instance.

Read My Tutorial to actually install wordpress locally so we’re go ahead and update that so now it’s now clickable so if we actually click on this when we publish it this will actually take us over to Google so the next thing we need to do is scroll down just a little bit here to the bottom and here we can go ahead and add any other kind of information so a lot of times you might want to say you know don’t forget to visit my website or whatever so I’ll go ahead and put that in here.

let’s say that we want to link that out so we’re gonna go and highlight this whole thing here we’re gonna go up to this link button click on that and we can go I actually go ahead and paste in the website for instance or whatever page or website you want to go to then go ahead and hit this arrow to go ahead and apply it and now it’s it’s automatically linked so next thing we need to do here is we need to go ahead and create a category.

categories are nice to go ahead and throw and specific blog posts and that gets grouped together because you can create menus around it you can also do blog post categories you can send your visitors to different categories so for instance if I have my called a website I’m doing all my wordpress posts under the category WordPress but if I have a computer problem over here I don’t want that in WordPress category I want in its phone category so that’s what categories are used for so you just click on add a new category.

here and I’ll put in add a new category and it gets added up here now you can have as many categories selected as you want but you want to choose at least one in there helps keep everything together your format it depends on what kind of theme that you’re actually using I’m just going for this thing that’s gonna leave it as standard and when we review other themes.

we’ll go through that too as well so I believe that’s it the only atlast we need to do now is create a featured image this year’s what image that the theme will actually use to show your blog post whenever they use it so I’m just going to go ahead and select the same one and now it’s there and that’s all.

it is now after we have that created now we have to decide when we want this posted we can go ahead and publish it immediately out to the world by just hitting the publish button or we can go ahead and just save it to draft the nice thing about saving to draft it is not out there publicly which means that you can continue to work on it and give it updates as you go and the next thing we can do is we can actually edit when it’s out showing it published.

so if I don’t want this to be published for another week I can actually change the date and time that actually gets published here but in this case in this tutorial we’re gonna go ahead and leave it as immediately public facing and we’re gonna actually publish it so I’m gonna hit OK here and let’s go ahead and publish this.

you can see the permanent link that was created after we create our blog post here so now if we actually go out here click on this link now it actually takes us to our site so we can see the graphic that we put in here too as well so that was our feature graphic and now this is our title our graphic which took us out to Google and for this theme it is the title that we put in into the body and then our message and now you can see on the right side.

I already have everything out as default I have not done anything with this theme so this is straight out of the WordPress box and you can see that at the bottom we have our link.

so that’s the basics of how to actually create a blog post how to edit it a little bit add some links and a photo this is virender I’ll see you on the next one

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